The Forecast
Calls for Widely Scattered Data

Things have become disturbingly unpredictable in the electronics business. Why? Because as sales channels—and enterprises at large—have extended, most relationship management systems fail to meet the many complex requirements of the enterprise. Forecasting has become a nightmare.

“Our sales teams, including reps and distributors are sharing information in real-time. Escend’s helped us resolve what was once a significant communication problem and consequently, better manage every aspect of our IC sales cycles.”
Name, title, Mitsubishi Semiconductor

Vital information resides in disparate silos here, there and everywhere. This makes effectively managing supply and demand impossible. No component manufacturer can weather this problem for long.

A new breed of extended relationship management (XRM) software from Escend allows you take command of information management like never before. Escend’s suite of enterprise applications enables manufacturers and their reps to leverage the Internet to dramatically streamline sales cycles. Sales professionals escape the endless whirlwind of administration and are free to concentrate their time and effort on winning business.

Escend’s software solutions enable your sales organizations to focus on the most profitable opportunities. The applications integrate with ease in Microsoft environments so your company will realize an extremely rapid time-to-value. 
The forecast calls for a powerful relationship management system.
Want instant answers about how Escend’s robust XRM solution suite can begin generating accurate demand forecasts, better leverage sales opportunities and streamline your processes?

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Connect Sales Channels and Connect with Customers.

Escend’s robust XML software suite allows you to gain insights into your sales processes, gauge demand more accurately, and make the shrewd decisions that result in design wins. You’ll be tooled to better manage:

At the core of Escend is a collaborative platform for managing new business opportunities across the extended enterprise.

Escend delivers a comprehensive solution for lead generation, lead distribution, lead tracking, and marketing analysis.

Global accounts
A single solution provides visibility into demand by territories, regions, or divisions for comprehensive global management.

Sample distributions
Tracking and analysis of your samples helps you manage opportunities and the associated costs.

The software provides a complete solution for order entry and order management across multiple channels.

Bookings and commissions
The integrated application suite eliminates the complexities of managing bookings and commissions.